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Do you ever open a new doc (or turn to a new page in your notebook, if we’re going old school) to write something for your marketing and simply…draw a blank? 


Before you know it, minutes or even hours have gone by, and you have hardly anything to show for it! And it’s not like you have a ton of free time to spend spinning your wheels on content.


Understandable. After all, it’s challenging to capture your passion in a handful of words. You’ve given your business life, nurtured it, and poured your heart and soul (and probably some blood, sweat, and tears) into it. 

Sometimes, you just need that outside perspective. That’s where I come in! I will ask you all the right questions to get to the heart of your brand and uncover what sets you apart so that we can answer the biggest question of all:


Why YOU?

Copywriting & Content
Marketing Services

Which content writing conundrum can I take off your plate today?

Website Copywriting

Whether you need a full suite of copy for your new website or simply a refresh, we've got you covered! Wow prospects with messaging you can be confident in.

Email Marketing

Did you know email marketing averages an ROI of $38 for every $1 spent?! If you want to reach your audience at the exact right time, their inbox is where it's at.


You know your stuff – so why not show it? Educate your audience, enhance your site's SEO value, and gain industry authority with consistent, high-quality blog posts.

Content Marketing

Need help with another type of content or copywriting project? From case studies to print copy to editing and proofreading, we can help!

Want to know how it works? Let's grab a virtual coffee!

About Chabot Creative

You have an amazing product or service that can help people but need help spreading the word. Chabot Creative will capture your brand’s voice and help you boost awareness, engagement, and sales through proven content strategies.

Hello, I'm Stephanie Chabot, owner of Chabot Creative! I am a copywriter and content creator based in New England. I have a passion for producing strategic, engaging content that helps brands grow and connect with their audiences. With a background in marketing and SEO writing, I understand what it takes to craft informative and optimized copy.


I have nearly a decade of experience working with businesses in various industries, including professional services, food and farming, travel, fashion, and luxury wellness products. I particularly love working with fellow female entrepreneurs.


My mission is to help passionate business owners gain confidence with clear, authentic messaging that resonates with their dream clients and gets results.


Let's Work Together

Do you need help finding the right words for your blog, website, or other content marketing project? Chabot Creative will be happy to grab a virtual coffee and chat about your needs today!

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Speak to Your Dream Clients With Clarity & Confidence

Copywriting & Content Marketing for Passion-driven Entrepreneurs


So if you're...

  • Tired of trying to force the right words onto that blank page 

  • Ready to get back to working on and growing your passion

  • Short on time but need to spread the word about your business

It’s time to take that piece of the pie off your plate.

When you work with me, you will end up with: 

  • Clear, authentic, consistent messaging that resonates with your dream clients

  • Copy and content that gets you results and works while you sleep

  • Confidence in the message you’re putting out into the universe


Ready to stop struggling through your marketing copy and content on your own?

Words from Happy Clients

Kim, Owner, KPIP Law

Stephanie was incredible to work with. She is organized and listens carefully to your voice and asks fantastic follow up questions.

Susan, Owner, Flint Garden Designs

Stephanie takes the time to cultivate a great working relationship, and crafted clear, and consistent messaging across both my website and my intro email series!

Rebecca, Owner, LCA Resource

Stephanie listened to a boatload of technical jargon and magically transformed all of this information into relatable content for my firm's website.

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